Feeding of Cows – Concentrated and Succulent Feeds

Feeding of Cows

Concentrated feed

Concentrated feed includes all cereals, legumes, as well as cakes, meal, bran, etc. Concentrated legumes contain a lot of carotene. Oats, barley, wheat bran are recommended to be fed with peas, soybeans, beans.

The nutritional value of concentrated feed is high: 1 kg of oats contains 1 feed unit and about 100 g of protein, 1 kg of soy contains 1.29 feed units and more than 200 g of protein.

Concentrated feed is given to animals in dry form or in the form of a chatterbox. It is impossible to exceed the norms of feeding animals for concentrated feed: this worsens the eatability of other feed.

Succulent feed

This group of feed includes fodder and sugar beets, potatoes, fodder and red carrots, rutabagas, turnips, as well as melons – squash, pumpkin, fodder watermelon.

Succulent feeds have a pronounced milk-driving effect: they, in particular, are used for milking in the first months after calving. Juicy forages acquire the greatest value in winter. All varieties of carrots contain a large amount of carotene, potatoes – starch, beets – sugar. Depending on milk yield, cows are fed up to 30 kg of juicy feed per day.

Root crops and root tubers are stored in dry trenches, piles, storage facilities at a temperature of 1-2 ° C. Root crops, root tubers and melons can be ensiled either whole or chopped together with the grass.

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